5 things for sudden 10-Mins break

By RougeNeuron

Aug, 2022

Remote work means a lot of meetings. Unscheduled breaks can kill productivity. Few suggesions to make most of such disruptions.

Clean Inbox

A clean inbox is an excellent way to setup up your day. Only the mails in the inbox are the tasks that genuinely need your attention.


RSS feed

RSS Feeds can condense the random surfing for news into a one-stop activity. In addition, by using text-only options in readers, you may get the context on a single screen without scrolling!


Instrumentals playlist

Instrumental music has a calming quality. It is easier to focus since your mind is not translating the lyrics. Anything loud enough to overcome the surrounding noise is enough.


Making or updating lists

Lists are a great way to clear the background noise from thoughts. For example, you may create a to-do list, grocery, or bucket list.



Meditation is often bound to serene landscapes in the countryside. But the surroundings are optional! Just close your eyes and let the time flow.


Software Engineering 

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