Software Engineering Career Onboarding Manual

The course is an introduction to the roles and responsibilities beyond designations. No certifications or silver bullets exist for a long and fulfilling software career. Instead, the course provides a brief overview of the industry and processes from an experienced engineer’s perspective.

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Roles are not designations! Responsibilities are more than whatever the person in the role of manager tells! One doesn’t need to be in a product company to be called a good programmer!

The main goal of the course is to make the aspirants aware of the big picture before they get caught up in confusing job descriptions. A prosperous career cannot be purchased or fast-tracked. It needs daily nurturing via habits and coherent knowledge.

Moving between different-sized organizations often leads to taking up multiple roles. Frequent job switching can lead to career path fragmentation. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the situation, one may choose to be aware of the bigger picture upfront. The fundamentals change at a much slower pace compared to trends. Build expertise around fundamentals for a great career.


  • Software engineering beyond coding
  • Business goals of possible employer companies
  • Kind of roles available in the industry for beginners/fresh graduates.
  • Components of software engineering
    • Algorithms, Data Structures, DevOps, SRE, SCM, etc.
  • Types of software companies
  • Types of roles in software companies
  • Answers to some commonly asked questions about careers in the software industry.
  • Understanding workflows across different roles and hierarchies.
  • Getting an idea about the complex role of a product manager.
  • Getting a sense of the complexity involved in outsourcing software engineering.
  • Understand the relation between system design and production issues.

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