Books recommendation for Career Bootcamp

Books are critical for career growth. The advantage of learning from a good book is the author’s focus on correctness. For technical or non-fiction books to remain relevant for even a couple of years, the author has to ensure any forward-looking ideas will stand the test of time. The following collection is a subset of […]

Udemy course creation poll

Udemy has become crowded. Students in millions seem to scan thousands of courses about diverse but irrelevant topics. Courses longer than 3 hours seem to be a mile wide and an inch deep. The problem seems to be a lack of communication between students and instructors. Hence, I am creating the following anonymous survey to […]

10 things for a sudden 10-minute break

Ever stumbled on an unplanned 10-minute break? I have always faced confusion about dealing with sudden breaks during the work day. So let’s try and break down the break optimization protocol! There are more than ten reasons for such breaks like video uploading, meeting getting over early, code just worked in the first shot, long […]