The following questions define a modern professional’s career and become the mission’s target.
WHY are you pursuing your current profession?
How long do you WANT to pursue the current profession?
How long do you HAVE to pursue the current profession?
How long will your current profession RESPECT your contributions?

Knowledge is the cleanest fuel to accelerate a career. However, understanding fundamentals demand a systematic learning process. Learning on the job gets the job done but doesn’t add value to the profession.

Teaching is not selling. https://rougeneuron.in/publications-books-udemy-courses-links/

Remaining relevant for decades in any industry is not just hard but, in many cases, impossible. However, accepting this fact can help aspirants pursue ambitions without burning out.

It is helping students and professionals from the trap of ignoring the value of knowledge because it’s readily available.

Based on my experience, engineering is an attitude, and research is a lifestyle. As a professional, one has to prioritize between “how” and “why” constantly. On the other hand, research demands knowledge of why and engineering requires precise information about “how.”

Motivation is optional to achieve excellence; conviction is mandatory.

Without the knowledge and thorough understanding of the fundamentals, confidence is impossible. Teaching fundamentals can get complicated without conviction.

The software industry, with its obsession with order, is primarily chaos. The easiest way to learn something on the job is by doing things the hard way. The knowledge is rarely shared, leading to rediscovery under the name of innovation.

Mission Plan

Listen to experts from the industry.
Learn from the references and sources quoted in knowledgeable conversations.
Think about the connection between the trends and fundamentals.
Share an actionable summary of the learnings with as many people as possible.

Estimated timeline for completion

Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain liquid.

John Maynard Keynes

A lifetime is not enough. It will come down to the business viability of the mission and my ability to make it self-sustaining. After a decade of hiatus in the industry, I mustered the courage to dedicate myself to two of my favorite endeavors, technology, and teaching.

Making the hobby into a mission will provide closure to learning and experience. I hope to hear your suggestions soon.


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